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Surface Profile Grinding

Jung J630D CNC Surface Profile Grinding System

System Capabilities include:

  • Jung CNC Surface Profile size range- 600 x 300 x 300mm
  • Surface and profile grinding with reciprocation type processing
  • Creep feed mode grinding
  • CNC profile dressing with CD dressing
  • Contour path grinding in XY and YZ planes
  • Optional add on equipment for special processing include:
  • Lehmann high precision indexing axis
  • Cylindrical grinding with special device
  • Portable center less grinding device

Jung J630D with PA37 system-profile machining to perfection!

Overhead arrangement prevents collisions with parts and fixtures in the working area
such as the Lehmann high precision “A” axis  set up shown.

Our grinding systems specialize in processing complex high precision components
with various combinations of system options to produce the highest quality results
that can reach into the sub-micron range.

PA37 System Capabilities include:

CNC controlled 4-axis dresser from JUNG
The technical highlights at a glance:

Micro precision High-resolution, direct axis drives

Operation JUNG GRIPS 32 programming system for
- Work piece profile geometry creation
- Collision and feasibility checks
- CAD / CAM integration on Siemens 840D Control

Flexibility - 6x tool holder for profile diamonds, or

Alternatively use:
- Tool holder for rotating diamond wheel
- Quick-change HSK system for tool holders

CD – dressing with PA 37 K

Productivity - Continuous dressing of the grinding wheel during the machining process.
Continuous dressing with the PA 37 K means up to 50% higher productivity for our customers.
The outstanding features include:
- Simultaneous grinding and dressing (in parallel with machining time)
- Minimal retraction cycles from the work piece
- Higher feed rates
- Larger in-feeds
- Lower grinding pressure
- Dressing with a rotating diamond wheel
All this in combination with freely programmable work piece profiles!

Performance - Automatic setting-up and gauging of tools on the machine via integrated measuring system.
- Subsequent tool evaluation
- Integrated tool management

Production reliability - Overhead arrangement prevents collisions with work pieces/ fixtures in the working area

Cost effectiveness- Longer dressing tool life.

Maximum precision in unmanned operation!

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