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Precision Grinding Solutions provides contract metrology services for large and small parts to all industries where ultra-high-accuracy measurement is required. We provide contract inspection support to customers that require a separate source to verify their manufacturing results.

Our metrology equipment includes a full inventory of high-precision manual gauges, air gauges, optical measuring  and state of the art CMM and surface measurements systems. The varied, high-precision nature of our gauging allows us to measure parts as large as 35” × 47” × 27”
(90cm × 120 cm × 70 cm) in 3 dimensions with sub-micron resolution. Our surface-measurement system provides nanometer resolution.

Our facility is equipped with the latest technology in the metrology field to support in-process and final inspection of complex shapes to ensure our customers that we deliver the highest quality possible.

Contract Metrology Services

Precision Grinding Solutions
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